How Professional Translation Services Can Help You with International SEO

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With the ever-increasing globalization, the need to reach out to foreign markets has increased even more. As companies struggle to find ways to get into new markets so as to introduce their products and services to them, the one thing that they need to master is communication. Businesses try to establish themselves both in their original and target markets by focusing on translating their content in the language of their customers.  

One way these businesses can gain success in international markets is through international SEO. 

Professional translation companies across the globe rely on expert translators and linguists to translate their projects in multiple languages. While companies can use these translation services to their advantage, most of them overlook the importance of translating and making their sites available in other languages. This requires structuring the multilingual site correctly while ensuring that the company has all the tools for the creation of multilingual content in the first place. 

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Let’s take a look at how professional translation services can open doors for success in international SEO:


So What Exactly is SEO Translation?


SEO translation is the translation of a text from one language to another, followed by adjustment of the text to include the keywords, along with headings, tags, and other SEO requirements. SEO translation can help considerably with a company’s marketing plan—from engaging potential customers to ensuring a good search engine ranking of the website, SEO translation can be the ultimate tool a company can use to propel its business success forward.

In SEO translation, however, it is important to make sure that the translated text is reader-friendly in terms of SEO services which will make that site appear higher in the search engines and ultimately improve the site’s rankings. As traffic to the sites increase, more leads can be generated and that is a perfect recipe for boosting up a company’s sales.

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Put simply, SEO is basically how your content ranks in the search engine results.

International SEO is a tool for getting your site to the top of search engine rankings in the world. While many companies already have a site that is present in their native languages, they still need to localize them to suit the languages of their target markets. International SEO can be a great way of ensuring your website’s success in foreign markets and to make that success possible, it is vital to go for translation of websites in the language of target customers. 


International SEO Success—How Translation can help?


Carrying out an international SEO campaign involves more than just translating a website’s text into another language. It includes all the techniques essential for optimizing your website in order to help search engines across the globe rank your website high on the search results. 

So how do you make sure your translated website is optimized for search engines globally? We have drawn up some points on how professional translation services can help with higher international SEO rankings for greater sales and business excellence.


  •  Increases Website Visibility

A website is more than a representation of a company’s products and services. It is a means by which a business displays its services to the global audience. This is the reason why it is absolutely imperative for a firm to engage in web design agency translation in order to make the website content available to the global audience. And a translated website stands a better chance at being visible at the top of search engine results.

According to some estimates, Google receives approximately 63,000 search results per second every day. That shows just how many people use this search engine every second. A business needs to utilize this by making its content available in every language—that’s where SEO comes in and translated keywords mean the company content is ranking high on multiple search engines, in numerous languages.


  • Makes it Easier to Target Specific Locations

Suppose you own a business in the USA and want to target the French region for your services. With a multilingual site, you will not only be able to offer your website in the targeted language, but you can also gain the benefits of a greater audience searching for your site. Once a business knows which country and language to target, it can create a translated version of the site before performing the usual SEO practices. Likewise, it can also use “geo-targeting” and local citation building in order to target specific geographical regions. 

In order to make sure a company reaps the benefits of a translated site, it should also aim to create a multilingual SEO strategy. A multilingual SEO strategy ensures that users from the targeted locations are able to access the right version of the site. So, a French customer browsing a translated site would be able to find the site in French, it would be of no use if he finds it in German.


  • Ensures a Better Site Ranking

This point is quite obvious, as a better ranking of the site is the ultimate outcome of a successful SEO strategy. Simply put, if your content is good and drives traffic, Google will automatically notice and start ranking your site higher in the search engine. Likewise, if you provide content in various languages, you will be able to draw traffic from different parts of the world, ultimately resulting in a higher ranking of your translated site.

A translated version of your site also ensures more visitors are browsing the site. This is because English is not spoken everywhere and users on the internet demand content in their own native languages. A multilingual site ensures these users from different parts of the world are able to view the sites. Accordingly, the greater the number of visitors, the greater would be the user engagement. Engagement drives traffic, which is the perfect anecdote for a site that ranks high on search engines across the globe. 


Who translates sites for a successful international SEO?


Now that we have an idea about the benefits of a translated site, the question arises as to who actually performs the job of ensuring a successful SEO strategy. The answer is simple—expert linguists belonging to an agency that delivers professional translation services. Qualified and expert linguists know the importance of translated websites and keyword variations in different languages. They ensure your sites are translated precisely and accurately in the language of your audience so you can drive more traffic to your site, which will ultimately result in a higher ranking on the search engines. The support of a reliable translation agency, a vision for growth, translated sites, and a clear target in mind—and you have all the ingredients for a successful international SEO strategy. 


The Last Word


International SEO success is linked to a broader vision on the company’s part. Simply translating your website is not enough. In the process of translation, you should be well-aware of the language and cultural nuances of the target country or region. Likewise, from a technical perspective, you should consider the choices of content delivery networks, webpage layouts, and hosting—all of which Google inspects. 

Want to know how our expert translators can help you with your international SEO strategy? Contact us today to find out.

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