Best ways of watching ads-free youtube videos!

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Are you bothered by the unwanted ads that popped up while watching your favorite show like destiny 2 beginners guide, Thewatchcartoononline and Minecraft water elevator on youtube? 

Well, probably yes, because youtube bombards the ads from starting the video to the end of the video.

If it is something irritating for you, then you may want to get rid of that.

In that case, you should keep yourself stuck around till the end of the article.

In this article, I will share the different ways of ignoring or stopping the ads popping up while watching the video. 

Remember, if you are trying to watch private youtube videos or deleted youtube videos, you don’t need to follow the steps below.

Watching Ads Free YouTube Videos on Desktop

Most users use youtube on mobile, but sometimes, during a work break, we watch youtube videos on desktop, laptop, LED/LCD etc.

If you are watching youtube videos on a big screen except for the TV, that means you are using a web browser.

Web browsers have different options that can help us to watch ads-free youtube videos.

1) Use Chrome Extension: 

Google chrome and youtube both are two different products of Google. 

You can use google chrome and install an extension called Adblocker in order to get rid of the youtube ads.

You can go to the google chrome web store and search for the adblocker extension. You will find an extension called ad blocker for youtube. Open the extension and ad to chrome.

That’s it; you will start watching ads-free youtube videos!

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2) Use AVAST Web Browser:  

If you are an avast user, you may have already installed the avast web browser. 

It is one of the most secure web browsers for computers. That’s why it has a pre-installed ad blocker that automatically blocks youtube ads as well as other google ads, such as banner ads, popup ads, link ads etc.

If you do not use avast antivirus, then you can simply go to their official website and download the avast web browser for absolutely free.

3) Buy YouTube Premium Membership: 

We were discussing all the free methods to watch ads-free youtube videos. 

Now, let’s discuss the premium membership of the youtube platform, which is paid. You can watch ads-free youtube videos as long as you pay them $11.99/month.

If you use youtube on a regular basis and spend most of your leisure time on youtube, then YouTube premium membership would be one of the best options for you.

Watching Ads Free YouTube Videos on Mobile

Watching youtube videos on a big screen and watching on a small screen are two different things.

I already mentioned that most youtube users watch youtube videos on their mobile phones. So, there might be security issues you may face. 

However, let’s see the two ways to stop seeing ads while watching youtube videos.

1) Using Ads Blocking App: 

Open Google play store or Apple app store to find the best ads blocker for your mobile phone.

You may find a lot of Sociallygo apps but choose the one which has maximum downloads and positive reviews.

Remember, when you use ads blocking apps, you can’t use a native youtube app. YouTube doesn’t allow third-party apps’ certificates to be used for a secure connection. Replacing third-party certificates without permission is risky. 

The third-party apps may steal your sensitive data from your mobile phone, so be aware of it.

2) Using Premium Membership: 

As we discussed in the previous section, premium membership for youtube could allow you to watch ad-free youtube videos. You can pay them and enjoy unlimited ad-free youtube videos.

Benefits of watching Ad-free Youtube Videos

1) Satisfaction: When you watch ad-free youtube videos, you will get satisfaction from watching the particular content. It makes you feel that the content made your day. 

2) Acquiring Full Messages: Sometimes, you may watch educational content on youtube, and if the ads pop up again and again, you may miss the message that the person is trying to deliver to you.

3) Get rid of distractions: The learning content requires deep concertation; if the content you are watching is being interrupted by the ads, then you will be distracted again and again.


You have both options to watch ad-free youtube videos, such as either you can choose a free option or purchase their premium membership.

In this article, I have described how you can watch ad-free youtube videos in a free as well as in a paid way.

If you are irritated by the youtube ads, then stick around from the start to the end of this article.

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