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Microsoft Previews the New Windows 10 Start Menu Redesign

It was no secret that Microsoft and its design team were working on redesigning the start menu of the Windows 10 operating system early this year. It was in early March when they announced that they are working on improving and redesigning the start menu and other features. The redesign of the start menu draws mixed reactions from computer users, but a lot were anticipating the new features it will offer and the changes that will be implemented when compared to the current version. 

More than a week ago, the company, through the Twitter account of its design team, showed a glimpse of these new redesign features. It offers the best look so far on what to expect on the Windows 10 redesign. The first part of the short video shows the history and the evolution of Windows since its inception. The highlight video also shows a preview of what to expect on the new redesign start menu and what to expect once this update will be available to computer users. 

The video clip draws mixed reactions from its Twitter followers, but generally, it was all positive reviews coming from computer users. Among the changes that stand out on the highlight is the much broader listing on the different applications. The tiles also got some minor changes, such as the removal of the titles of all its medium-sized ones. It looked like that the Live Tiles will still be available on the new version despite the loud clamor and the persistent rumors that the company is removing it from the system.

Based on the video, the new redesign was less cluttered and messy compared to what it is now. The icons of the new start menu also look great with the modern design, and the spaces of the list make it more organized and less confusing to the users. The text under the app icon was also dropped in which several users were bothered as it no longer displays the title of the application.

It is still not known when is the new redesign will be available to the public, but this can be a game-changer in terms of the user experience of the operating system. The next major Windows update will not happen until next month, and we will probably see the new update later in the year or early next year.

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